QC-Advisors is a no-nonsense quality improvement firm that specializes in
small to medium-size manufacturers.

Companies come to QC Advisors
because they were:

• Frustrated with excessive delivery times, customer complaints and warranty issues.

• Concerned that scrap and rework was gnawing away at profits and stealing precious production time from other jobs.

• Irritated that quality issues were forcing them to discount their pricing
to keep customers.

• Challenged by ever-increasing customer quality requirements.

• Stressed that part quality was changing depending on who did the work,
and worse, who inspected it.

• Struggling to implement an ISO quality program they paid so dearly for.

• Worried about being prepared for a customer or ISO audit.

• Unable to find a qualified part inspector or manager to fill in for a missing QC resource.

What we do

QC Advisors specialize in improving shop quality, throughput, and
delivery times while maximizing shop profitability and preserving
customer relationships.  Said another way, what we do pays for itself
many times over and significantly reduces the risk of losing business.


Quality Control Advisers
Quality Control Consultants
Quality Consultants
Quality Management
Quality Standards
Quality Inspection
Quality Compliance
QC Advisors
QC Consultants
QC Assessments

Issue resolution
Deliverable Review
Deliverable Walkthrough
Continuous Improvement
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Quality Inspection Plan (QIP)
Quality Control Process (QCP)
Quality Control System (QCS)
Quality Management System (QMS)
Quality Management System
Quality Process

Issue correction
Corrective action
Root cause analysis
Gap analysis
Process Quality Audit
Internal Quality Audit
Internal Compliance Audit
Supplier Compliance Audit


ISO Certification
ISO Compliance
ISO 9001 Certification
ISO 9001 Consulting
ISO 9001 Consultant
ISO 9001 Compliance 
ISO 9001 Training
ISO 9001 Compliance Checklist